Dear Patriot Member, 

You recently received communication about your free Big Daddy Unlimited account through our newsletter last week and below are directions to take advantage of this member benefit. 

First, we want to thank you for being a valued member of our 2nd Amendment defending community. Big Daddy Unlimited is a great supporter of our efforts and supporters of your rights. They have stepped up as a GOA partner to offer our Patriot Members an exclusive opportunity to access over 300,000 shooting sports related products at dealer direct pricing. Their 40 representative strong customer service department is an industry leader and a tremendous resource for you to take advantage of in your next firearm, gear or ammo purchase. 

To login to your Patriot Member Account, Please use the following directions:

You have landed here because you have received an email with your unique password. We strongly recommend that you change this password upon signing into your account for the first time. Directions for this are below. To get your account started you’ll need to follow the below steps. 

  1. Click the “Login Now” button below
  2. In the “Sign In” fields use your GOA registered Email Address and password provided to you from the email you received. 
  3. Once logged in, proceed to “My Account” located in the top orange bar
  4. From the account menu select “Account Settings” and change your password there. 

Once again, we thank you for your support. 

– GOA and BDU teams


Email & Provided Password to complete sign-in.

“My Account” at Top and “Account Settings” in left side menu

Change your password in this screen.